Why Central?

Central Concrete conducted a comprehensive survey – interviewing both customers (contractors) and partners (architects and structural engineers). During these in-depth interviews, we asked the participants to examine all aspects of our business. When we asked the fundamental question, “Why Central?” the top answers were as follows.

We invite you to get to know us, and experience these same attributes.

  • Unrivaled Expertise
    “At Central Concrete they know their stuff.”
    “Everyday, they put their knowledge to work from me.”
    “It is clear that they believe they are in the business of understanding ours – wow!”
    “They deliver expertise you can trust.”
    “Central can always answer my technical questions, help me review specifications, and respond to the myriad questions asked by the structural engineers, architects and owners. Their level of expertise is mind-boggling.”
    “I have invited them in for Lunch and Learns, and every time, we come away from the meeting impressed with their depth of knowledge.”
  • Assurances Company
    “The team members at Central Concrete go above and beyond to help us with our project.”
    “They are the ultimate problem-solvers.”
    “They have the data and projects to back-up their recommendations.”
    “At Central, their assurances mean something.”
  • Superior Products
    “In every aspect, Central Concrete delivers a superior, cost-effective product – greater strength, improved shrinkage and workability, PLUS low-CO2. No one can beat that.”
    “Central delivers performance beyond strength. Very simply, they deliver a product that offers so much more than ‘strength’. They produce a more durable product that outperforms traditional concrete in so many ways. And when I tell people that this product is a green concrete and has no cost-penalties, their eyes light right up.”
    “Central produces the right mix for the right job. One day I asked them how many mix designs they had created to-date. When they answered ‘more than 14,000’ I was floored.”
    “Today, it is critical that we look at the carbon footprint of the built environment. There is no excuse for any project to proceed today without Low CO2 concrete. Central makes it even easier – it outperforms standard concrete and there are not cost, finish or cure penalties.”
  • Innovative
    “US Concrete, Central’s parent company, has located their National Research laboratory in San Jose. This gem has been involved in ground-breaking research and the development of new, highly sought-after solutions.”
    “The team members at the QA lab and National Research Lab have a depth of knowledge that is simply not seen anywhere else.”
    “After touring their Research Lab, it was clear that some of the most significant research in the country was being conducted right here in San Jose – amazing work!”
  • Quality Assurance
    “My trust in Central’s QA lab has highly influenced my decision to work with Central Concrete. They deliver the peace of mind I need when interfacing with my customer.”
    “Central’s QA lab has always been there for me – whether I need a new mix design, statistical verification of existing mixes, or require control testing.”
  • Good, Honest Relationships
    “At the end of the day, I need to know I can trust the people making the commitments. With Central Concrete, commitments are made; promises are kept.”
    “The Central team members are good people, to the core. You can count on them every step of the way.”


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