Central Concrete’s Engineered Performance Solutions

SITE SET™ Performance Solution: Accelerates Concrete Set Time

Beat the Cold

Concrete has setting characteristics that can be negatively affected by low air temperatures, resulting in extended setting times and increased labor costs.

Accelerate Performance

Site Set™ reduces setting time in ready-mixed concrete by up to 50% while providing the following benefits:

  • Non-chloride. Will not promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete.
  • Designed to reduce setting time challenges.

Save Money

  • Reduced in-place concrete costs.
  • Increased labor savings.
  • Faster project turn around time.
  • Safe to utilize in all colored concrete mixes.

SITE FRESH® Performance Solution: Controls Concrete Set Time

Beat the Heat – Buy Some Time

Extends the time limit for ready-mixed concrete on hot days. Forms a protective barrier around cement particles that prevents loss in slump and improves workability and finishability in delayed deliveries and extreme summer temperatures.

Improved Surface and Finishability

Minimizes surface crusting and plastic shrinkage cracking during concrete placement.


Site Fresh® helps prevent concrete problems on the job site caused by delays in transportation or placement beyond a certain time limit.


All concrete should be cured to maximize strength and quality, and minimize cracking.



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