Central Concrete: Environmental, Health & Safety

At Central Concrete we are committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace for our employees as well as the community, and we never compromise on these values.  The EH&S Team is responsible for the management of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental processes within our organization.  Our goal is to assure that the production and use of our products are safe and do not pose health risks to employees, neighbors and our customers.

Occupational Safety plays a fundamental role in our daily routine.  It includes regular safety briefings in our production facilities as well as the ongoing activities of our safety experts.  We promote and monitor the safety awareness of all employees through safety regulations, training activities and audits.  All accidents, near-misses and other incidents are documented and evaluated for all our sites, and this allows us to identify potential weak points and learn from our mistakes.

Central Concrete Supply seeks to play a leading role in the control and minimization of negative environmental effects.  Continuous investments in the development of innovative technologies that reduce our environmental footprint have resulted in cutting-edge processes and products.  We continue to work toward reducing our emissions and fuel consumption in every aspect of our business, and we are committed to complying with all applicable laws, standards and requirements.

Health and Safety


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